Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Really NCAA, Over a Bake Sale!!

Sharrif Floyd a defensive lineman from the University of Florida participated in a hearing tuesday regarding his eligibility. The hearing was conducted by the NCAA where they question his eligibility because of a high school bake sale that was to help him on a trip to the Army All American Bowl. The University of Florida issued a statement saying "this has nothing to do with agents, boosters, or his recruitment to Florida." What this does have something to do with, is that a generous amount of people wanting to help him with travel expenses, because he didn't have the funds to go.

You have Universities going through the scandals of the summer such as Miami, Auburn, Oregon, and LSU in regards to money that might have been given to a player or an agent representing a player. In this instance you have a community working together to send a person somewhere who doesn't have the means or the funds to go for himself. I see a major problem with him missing games because of this situation.

I hope the NCAA reinstates Sharrif because in this case he hasn't done any thing wrong. We are talking about a person who lived in a basement with his grandparents and to my understanding is a good kid. This kid grew up in a drug infested area where he could of done wrong with his life and instead chose to do something right with his life and now has to sit out games because of a bake sale that was meant to help him in every way possible.

NCAA you need to fix this problem!!!

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